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    Punched Decorative

    Product Description
    Punching Mesh
    Punching Mesh Materials: Aluminium plate.Thin low carbon steel plate. Stainess steel plate.AL-MG alloy plate.Copper plate.Nickel plate.

    Product Feature
    Punching Mesh Manufacture and characteristics:Punching Meshis made by punching. The characteristics are bend-resisting, aging-resisting, not Easily to rust, wide uses. The surface is plain, smooth and practical. 
    steel reinforcement materials in petroleum, chemical industry, building & decorations.
    Expanded Metal Mesh Variety: Small, Mini Expanded Metal and heavy expanded metal mesh. Expanded aluminum mesh, expanded platinum filtration mesh, expanded brass mesh, expanded copper mesh, expanded Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, expanded nickel mesh. Opening in the shape of diamond, hexagonal or special shape.

    Product Specification/Models
    Punching Mesh
    1). Punching Mesh Material: Low-carbon steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum stannum, alumin 
    2). Punching Mesh Hole pattern: Decorative, Hexagonal, Round, Slotted, Square, fish, and some others. We could make holes according to our customers. 
    3). Punching Mesh Measures Standard: Sheet size: 1M x 2M, 0.915M x 2.44M (3 'x 8'), 1.22M x 2.44M (4 'x 8'), 0.915M x 3.05M (3 'x 10'), 1.22M x 3.05M (4 'x 10'). Available in size 26 to 1 / 2 "in Stainless Steel or in carbon steel. Holes from 0, 020 "to 5" in diameter. 

    Punching Mesh Uses: It is used to filter in the car internal-combustion engine; Mine, medication and food screening; Indoor sound insulation and aeration of Grain depot.

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